The beginning of our performances

               Before I start 2018 off with January’s excitement, I’d like to take it a few months back into 2017 - the start of our performing days begun in September. When I started this ministry, it was just my Dad and I, and he was on the support side of the ministry, while I was the solo artist for our ministry -at the time- called Gospel Rock Ministry. He would help me practice and record songs, and even listen and give feedback on any new song ideas I would have. I booked my first show for a Labor Day cook out at a local church in Hudson, Fl and it was what some would call a mess. Usually, your first show isn’t as great as you would like it to be. The sound tech couldn’t get their PA system to work completely so we ended up with mic’d vocals and I strummed extra loud on my acoustic guitar. We were praising God. It was a very humbling start and a great time that inspired me to keep going.   

                Later in September, I reached out to a good friend of mine, Brian Jones, and asked if I could possibly open a show for him. I have been following Brian’s music for well over fifteen years, so this was an exciting conversation to have. At the time, Brian was putting together his band called “The Easy Button” (If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. They ROCK!!!), and he let me open on their debut night in Plant City, Fl at a coffee house called The Krazy Kup. The night went great and it led to many great oppurtunities. 

                In October. I was inspired to play more coffee house nights, so I went out to another local shop called Oasis Coffee Spot and spoke to the owner about performing. He took down my information and headed into his office. About ten minutes later while my wife, children, and I were enjoying the music, he came  out and told me that he had just been notified of a cancellation for the next day and asked if I could fill in. See how God started moving immediately? Of course, I said yes. I wasn’t going to pass an opportunity that I had just asked for. The next night I showed up and performed my set before the audience and staff and they loved it. I became a regular act there and even have a specific set that I’m requested to follow when I play there. One of the songs is a medley of three DC Talk songs which include, “Into Jesus”, “Jesus Freak”, and “In the Light” … The medley became a hit and a regular song for my sets, If you love DC Talk, you'll enjoy it.

                I was asked to return to the Oasis at the end of October and play another set. About three or four songs into my set, this awesome dude (Michael Chauncey, owner of DreamLab Recording Studio) came up to me and asked if I’d like to have someone drum for me. I didn’t want to say no amd I’m glad I didn’t. He hopped on the house drums and we clicked immediately. I was so impressed by the end of the set that I asked him if he would join Gospel Rock Ministry, and his response was “Sounds like fun”. He has been a blessing to the ministry ever since and I am very thankful for him and his family. 

                After our last show in November, we decided to take a break in December. I used this break to plan our next move. I felt a push from God. As if He was telling me to expand. I reached out to our friends “The Easy Button” and asked them to open for us in January when we return to The Oasis. Brian of course said yes, and I began to work with him on the details. I then asked my Dad to come into the band as our Bass player, so we’d have a full band. He agreed to step in and take it from there. He knew all of the songs already because we were writing and practicing for months. The first full band date was set in stone. Its amazing when you can keep God your number one reason, and watch things happen and experience the blessings from praying for and with others. There is nothing quite like it… 



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